36 ft Luxury Fishing Boat

Capacity: 8

Range: 12 hours

About the Luxury Fishing Boat

There comes a time in every saltwater angler’s life when compromise is no longer an option, when he or she refuses to settle for second best, insisting on the ultimate — be it a reel, a remote adventure, or a fishing boat. Puerto Vallarta Fishing Tours has made its mark catering to such customers.

If you’re at the point in your angling career when you’re so serious about fishing that compromise no longer exists in your lexicon, look closely at our 36’ Luxury Fishing Charters. When it comes to quality, performance and angling features, these boats join an elite group that can be truly classified as ultimate offshore fishing charter experience…

PV Map 10 hrs small

Included with Your Trip

  • Puerto Vallarta Harbor Master certification
  • Bottled Water
  • Fishing Gear for all attendees
  • Life Jackets for all attendees
  • All boats are equiped with a toilet

Not Included with Your Trip

  • Snacks and Food *
  • Beer *
  • Transportation to and from the Harbour *

* all of these items can be pre ordered for a cost.

4 Hour Charter
Mid Harbour

$20,000 MXN

6 Hour Charter
Mid Harbour

$30,000 MXN

8 Hour Charter
Outer Harbour

$40,000 MXN

10 Hour Charter
Deep Sea

$60,000 MXN

12 Hour Charter
Deep Sea

$80,000 MXN