Friends of Puerto Vallarta Fishing Tours

Here at Puerto Vallarta Fishing Tours we have had the great pleasure of working with, helping out, being helped out and just plain having fun with some very specail friends and colleagues.

Bike Mexico

Mexico’s  #1 tour operator.  We have gone on trips with Jurgen and they have been absolutely amazing.  

From day long motorcycle tours on the beach to 5 day tours, your can’t beat these trips.

Want to rent a motorcycle, they do that as well.

We strongly recemmond that you check them out.

Bike tour

Lucky Sportfishing at Eagle Nook Resort

eagle Nook

On the remote reaches of Vancouver Island’s west coast, surrounded by natural beauty, abundant wildlife and world-class fishing, you’ll find Barkley Sound, home of Eagle Nook Resort.  Accessible only by boat or floatplane, we offer  a truly all-inclusive luxury  wilderness experience. Come for adventure &  excitement, relaxation &  rejuvenation, or a little bit of both. Once you’re here, we’ll take care of the rest.

Fish Tales Fly Shop

fish tales logo

Friends of ours from our home town, Calgary.  If you are heading up to Calgary and want to do some fishing, these are the people to go see. They have decades of experience in the Calgary area and will be able to get you to the best fishings spots or hook you up with a guide. 

Calgary is home to the Bow river which is a source of some of the best trout fishing in the world.

Fish tales
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