A little bit about us and how we started Puerto Vallarta Fishing Tours

Arnulfo has been working on the beaches for numerous years booking trips for hotel patrons and tourist that happened to walk by. Believe it or not, working on the beach all day long can be difficult to do over numerous years.  Rick and Arnulfo got to know each other because Rick was always booking trips with him and, well, Rick seems to make friends with everyone he meets. Rick, being a business coach, makes the suggestion that the maybe the business should be online, which is of course the way of the future. Arnulfo whole heartedly agrees. Rick says ” I know a guy”.  Enter Keith, a web design and marketing specialist.  The rest is history, as they say.

We pride ourself in providing the highest quality experience that you can possibly have!

The Trio

Arnolfo Bio


Arnulfo was born and raised in Puerto Vallarta…he has lived his entire life in paradise. Arnulfo has spent decades creating relationships with the best captains and the best boats. His entire focus is to have family, friends and those who are about to become friends enjoy his home. He is dedicated to providing the best experience possible whether it’s fishing, whale watching or simply enjoying all of the amazing spots available around Bahia Banderas.

Come fishing with us…you’ll create memories that will last a lifetime!”o

Rick Bio


Rick has been fishing in Bahia Banderas for more than 15 years. Spending December in Puerto Vallarta and area he fell in love with the bay, the people, and the warmth of the Mexican sun! When the opportunity came to create a Fishing Charter company, he jumped at the chance to work with his long-time friend and tour expert Arnulfo. With a background in business consulting and strategy it made perfect sense to apply those skills to Puerto Vallarta Fishing Tours. Rick’s goal is to share his love of Puerto Vallarta and Bahia Banderas with everyone. 

We have the best boats with the best captains!” Rick.

Keith Bio


Keith took his first trip to Puerto Vallarta almost 30 years ago and has never looked back.  Keith is an avid sailor, diver and deep see lover. Puerto Vallarta is one of his favourite places to travel to and his absolute favourite deep sea fishing destinations, he keeps coming back for more.

He was lucky enough to meet up with Rick and then eventually Arnulfo and the ideas of putting the business online came out through discussions. 

Our strength is the quality of our Captains and boats. The extensive knowledge of where to catch the fish and the close attention to safety makes us the best deep sea fishing company in Puerto Vallarta.

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