How many Red Snappers are too many Red Snappers??

Another successful day of fishing! Fishing in Puerto Vallarta or Nuevo Nayarit is one of my favorite things…enjoying the “pesca del dia” is my second favorite thing. 

Banderas Bay, located on the Pacific coast of Mexico, is a fantastic destination for fishing enthusiasts. The bay is known for its rich marine life, offering a variety of fishing opportunities. 

This day we left from the pier at Los Muertos Beach and only went about 10 minutes along the coast toward Los Arcos. The captain knew where to start…and in a very short time we had brought these bad boys onboard!

Here are some key details and tips for fishing in Banderas Bay off of Nuevo Nayarit:



  1. Types of Fish:

   – Marlin and Sailfish: Banderas Bay is famous for its Marlin and Sailfish. These species are often found in the deeper waters.

   -Dorado (Mahi-Mahi): Dorado is abundant in the bay and is a popular catch.

   – Tuna: Yellowfin tuna is another prized species that anglers often target.

   – Red Snapper and Roosterfish: Closer to shore, you can find snapper and roosterfish.

Pictured here is a an amazingly large Red Snapper caught outside the bay in the deeper Ocean. When sailing from Nuevo Nayarit or Puerto Vallarta a 6 hour trip will get you out to the deep ocean but the longer the trip the more time you will have to fish.

Most of our boats will take you out to the deep see, here is a link to the boat that was used to catch this monster.  28ft Super Panga 

Also, we have the best captains in Nuevo Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta, picture here is Gabby, one of the best.

Huge Red Snapper caught in the ocean outside Nuevo Nayarit


  1. Best Time to Fish: (anytime is time to fish!!)

   – Fishing is good year-round in Banderas Bay, but the peak season varies for different species.

   – For Marlin and Sailfish, the peak season is generally from November to May.

   – Dorado and tuna are more abundant in the warmer months, from June to October.

  1. Charter Fishing:

   – Consider hiring a local fishing charter like Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Nayarit Fishing Tours. Experienced captains are familiar with the best spots and can provide equipment and guidance.

   – Nuevo Nayarit Charters offer a range of options, from half-day trips to full-day excursions. There are multiple boats to choose from…pangas right up to luxury cabin cruisers.

  1. Fishing Spots:

   – Los Arcos: A popular fishing spot with underwater rock formations.

   – El Morro: Known for deep-sea fishing and the chance to catch larger species.

   – Corbetena: A deep-sea location that attracts big game fish.

  1. Regulations:

   – Make sure to familiarize yourself with local fishing regulations and obtain the necessary permits. Our captains understand the rules and regulations and have all of the necessary permits.

   – Respect catch limits and practice catch-and-release for certain species to contribute to sustainable fishing practices. Catch-and-release is endorsed by our captains to ensure that you will enjoy this sport for years to come.

  1. Equipment:

   – Depending on the type of fishing you plan to do, bring appropriate gear. For big game fish, heavy-duty tackle is essential.

   – If you’re not bringing your own equipment, most charters provide it. All you need is you and your friends!

  1. Weather Considerations:

   – Keep an eye on weather conditions, especially during the rainy season (June to October).

  1. Local Advice:

   – Talk to local anglers or fishing guides for the latest information on fishing conditions and hotspots. Puerta Vallarta Fishing Tours have the best and most experienced captains in the bay…you’ll have a day you’ll remember and brag about for years to come.

Remember that fishing conditions can vary, so flexibility in your plans can lead to a more enjoyable experience. Enjoy your fishing adventure in Banderas Bay with Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Nayarit Fishing Tours!