What you will catch Fishing in Puerto Vallarta

4 Hour Trip

This tour is perfect for families, beginners or the casual hobbiest that want an enjoyable, shorter trip.  

PV 4 hrs final 600

6 Hour Trip

Very popular trip ideal for couples and friends who have limited time and who want to catch some of the best eating fish in the bay.

PV 6 hrs final 600

8 Hour Trip

Make a day of it! Enjoy amazing fishing and experience the best of Bahia Banderas.

PV 8 hrs final 600

10 Hour Trip

As a serious sportsman this trip gives you the opportunity to catch some of the best fighting fish available!

PV 10 hrs final 600

12 Hour Trip

Enjoy an amazing experience that is second to none…with a group of friends it will be a day you’ll remember for a lifetime!!

PV 12 hrs final 600
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